Tuesday, 12 March 2013

No hills? No problem! Welcome to BKOOL!

First things first... that's not me in the picture. But it is a BKOOL turbo trainer.

Given the lack of hills round here, I decided to try one to help with a bit of hill training (closer to the event, I suspect, once I'm a little fitter!).

There appears to be plenty of turbo-trainer options on the market, so why did I choose a BKOOL? Well, the main reason was the ability to download routes (many including video footage) of various stages of various events, and ride then in my spare bedroom!

The reality of the whole thing is actually pretty impressive! The bluetooth connection from the BKOOL turbo unit to the PC and associated BSIM software is pretty slick (albeit with a few minor hitches, but nothing too troubling). Add in a speed/cadence sensor (I'm using a Garmin GSC 10) and a heart rate chest strap (again, a Garmin) and you have a pretty comprehensive training tool!

Early days, but having got it set up I'm finding it pretty good fun! For example, Ive just completed 44km in Northern Spain! Details here (if the link works!)


Still lots to learn and lots to explore, but so far, so great, and a way better alternative to doing intervals!

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