Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Etape du Tour 2013

So, a friend of mine suggested we try the Etape in July 2013...

My initial reaction was 'yeah, sounds fun, lets sign up'. On reflection, this could have been a little cavalier! What faces us in 130km of cycling in the Alps, finishing with a long climb to over 1,600m with views of Mont Blanc. Sounds amazing, but I fear it's going to involve a painful spring and summer of training. The sailing might be taking a back seat for a while...

Here's a few more details on the course:
After a fast, flat section for the first 7 miles or so, we hit the first slopes.
After a climb of 340 metres on the Cote de Puget (800m) we climb again to Col de LesChaux (944m).

There follows nearly 20 miles of undulating hills then a climb up to over 1000 metres at Col de Pres.
After a fast descent, the first real mountain climb begins, up to the summit of Mont Revard, 1463m.

Another fast descent is followed by the climb up to the finish at Annecy Semnoz (1655m).
This last climb starts in woodland, with a gradient of 8.5% and sections of 10%. After emerging from the woodland into open mountain scenery, the gradient is in the 10% region.

At the top we will be rewarded with views of Mont Blanc in the distance!

In summary...

Côte de Puget (5,4 km à 5,8%)
Col de Leschaux (3,6 km à 6,2%)
Côte de Aillons-le-Vieux (6 km à 4%)
Col des Prés (3,5 km à 6,5%)
Col du Mont-Revard (16 km à 5,4%)
Montée finale du Semnoz (11 km à 8,3%) - profile pic of this last 'killer climb' above

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