Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Uncomfortably numb - time for a new saddle

Increasingly, I've been experiencing numbing of the 'nether regions' while on rides. It started on the road bike (with a Felt performance carbon injection saddle - see pic) but I've also been noticing it on the mountain bike on relatively short (but hilly rides - using SDG Bel Air ti) and on the CX bike (with a WTB Laser V ti - probably the most comfy saddle I've used).

Doing a little reading, it appears to be a common problem, and I decided to get get a saddle with lots of middle relief - basically a saddle with a big hole, or channel, in the middle.

Shipping around I short listed it down to the Specialized Evo Pro and the Selle Italia SLR Superflow.

The Spesh is marginally lighter (173g vs approx 200) and gets great reviews, but has carbon rails that meant I'd need a new seat clamp.

5 minutes on eBay and I was the proud soon-to-be owner of a super-light eXotic carbon seat post, and a couple of days later a new Specialized Evo Pro from Sigma/Specialized Concept Store in Kingston.

Fitting underway and reports of (hopefully) improved comfort to follow!

The new Specialized Evo Pro... fingers crossed!

My aging WTB Laser V

 The Felt saddle

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