Saturday, 27 April 2013

Snow in Wales - at Easter!

Ok... training for the etape should now be well underway. In the weeks before Easter I managed to rack up a couple of 40-50 mile rides, but the issue with living in SW London is there aren't many hills round here (although the turbo definitely helps in that regard).

So, it was with excitement (and slight apprehension) that we decided to spend a few days in north Wales over Easter. Lots of hills, and the infamous Horseshoe pass nearby, which I'm told has gradients of up to 20%, and is a 6 mile climb. Perfect, I thought!

However, as the mini-break approached, the snow started falling, and didn't stop. A few days before we went it became clear the the road bike was not really an option. So, mountain bike on the roof, we set off.

I've never seen so much snow in the UK. Up to 4 feet deep in many places. Riding was most certainly curtailed, but I did manage a couple of 15 milers, and some treacherous slipping and sliding in the process!!

More time on the flat beckons...

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